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Introducing the Vivid Glitter Gleam Palette Refills – the ultimate solution to keep your palette bursting with life and brilliance! Designed to seamlessly replace those empty square containers in your favorite Vivid Glitter Gleam Palette, these refills are the secret to maintaining a palette that's always fresh, inviting, and utterly captivating. Each refill pack includes two 8 gm squares that effortlessly snap into place within your existing palette.

VIVID Gleam Glitter Cream contains cosmetic grade, polyester glitter, in a cream base, that can be used to add dazzling accents to your face, hair or body with ease and speed! Gleam's special formula does not dry out like other standard glitter gels and withstands varying weather effects such as hot or cold. Smooth cream formula goes on smoothly over face paint designs without smearing them.

Net Weight 2 x 8gm. 2 square containers, with 8 gm of glitter. Exact glitter weight can vary depending on density of specific particles used, whether it is aloe based or gleam based etc.

VIVID Glitter | GLEAM Glitter Cream | Refill - Blazin Unicorn 8g x 2

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