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Yo! Face Painting Studio brings you the global popular culture - face painting.  Here, you can experience the most professional,  exquisite and safe live face painting service. We also provide  Professional Facepainter Training Course and Parent-child Workshop.



Face painting is not only about drawing, but also about spreading joy.​ Our studio aims to bring happiness to everyone, no matter how old you are. And this passion and skills are shared with all our well-trained professional facepainter and at last we can "draw" a smile on everyone's face.


Yo Leung

Founder & Instructor

Yo Leung, started her professional face painting career since 2017 and graduated from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. During her university life, she travelled to Canada, Austria and Taiwan to pursue face and body painting art's studies. She has been to over 300 parties and activities providing live face painting service ever since. Until now, she is still passionate in advance studies of face painting skills and willing to share with her students.

Yo! Face Painter Team

After the start of the professional facepainter training course, more than 80 students are cultivated as a professional facepainter. With all the skills they learnt from the course and field works they had been through, they can bring joy and colour to all parties and activities. They are all talented and creative. With a galaxy of talent, Yo! Face Painter Team can provide Team Face painting Service in different occasion such as carnival, shopping mall events and company annual dinner, in order to deal with large group of people, enquiries are welcome.

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