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Flower Edition. Volume 2 by Milena Potekhina


Check out this amazing face painting guide to mastering one stroke flowers, brought to you by the one and only Milena Potekhina!


Milena is an award winning face painter and an international instructor from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her outstanding face painting style is recognized and admired all over the world. In this “One Stroke Flowers” step-by-step collection, Milena shares her tips and tricks with you, to help your skill level blossom and bloom.


Simply select which flower you would like to master, place our clear practice board over top, and paint! As you follow Milena’s incredible designs and flow, your muscle-memory will begin to kick in. Test out what you’ve learned by moving the clear board on to the face chart to see how much you can remember. Take photographs of your completed work, and create one-of-a-kind menus which can be displayed online, or in print.


Would you like to see Milena painting the design? Well then have we got a treat for you! This incredible artist filmed a detailed tutorial for each of her flower designs from the collection. Simply scan the QR Code supplied with your order, and enjoy her artistic magic!


Flower designs included:

Purple Lisianthus, Tulip, Morning Glory, Kala, Dame’s Rocket, Lily of the valley, Rose, Poppy, Clematis, Daffodil



  • 20 high quality paper sheets
  • 10 amazing flower designs
  • 10 video tutorials
  • 1 clear practice board


Printed in Switzerland

Sparkling Faces | The Ultimate Face Painting Guide | Flower Edition Volume 2

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