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Face Paints Australia Combo Cake by Kristin Olsson are highly vibrant, rainbow cakes perfect for creating a variety of multicolored designs quickly with 1 stroke and sponging techniques. Combo Cakes with beautiful color combinations blend well together and are great to add face and body designs with less number of brush strokes.

Rosy Maple Combo Split Cake comes with colors: Essential Sherbet, Essential Pink, Essential Lemon Chiffon and Metallix White. Rosy Maple is great for adding designs like crowns, fairies, butterflies, flowers and more holiday designs or Halloween.

Face Paints Australia Face Paints are highly pigmented, cosmetic grade, water activated cake makeup that can be used for face painting by beginners to professionals alike. Skin safe and non-toxic face paint is great for painting on children. Face Paints Australia Paints can be easily activated with water and applied using a brush or sponge. FPA face paint provides vivid, opaque coverage and is perfect for use in any occasion, event, party, cosplay, Halloween, fairs and more.

Contains 50 gm of face paint in a rectangular container measuring 2 9/16" x 2 2/16" x 1/2" .

Face Paints Australia Face Paints dry quickly to a smudge resistant, matte finish. Face Paints Australia is great for line work, stenciling and detailing, as well as for painting over large areas!

Face Paints Australia | Kristin Olsson Combo Cake | Coral Reef

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