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What are the product dimensions?

This glitter poof is a 1/2 ounce bottle and it is 3.5 inches tall. Due to the different densities of each glitter color, these glitters have a price that is established by volume, not by weight.

How to apply and remove Art Factory Rainbow Jewel Body Glitter?

Art Factory glitters can be applied on top of moist face paint or adhered to skin with a skin safe adhesive such as cosmetic glitter glue or gel. Products like Global Body Art Gunky Glitter Gel Base, Ybody Washable Glue or Ben Nye Glitter Glue can be used with these fine glitters if you want the glitter to stay on for the day. If you choose to use an adhesive base, simply apply the gel/glue to the skin, and then tap the glitter onto the tacky base with a brush, silicon applicator or spatula. For a more temporary hold without using a glue or gel, you can use water to apply the polyester glitter to the skin using a disposable smoothie blender or or eye shadow applicator. Just mist the foam applicator with water, dip the applicator into the glitter, and press the cosmetic glitter onto the skin. You can apply the loose glitter to wet face paint as well by either poofing it on top of the paint, or patting it onto the wet paint with a dry brush dipped in glitter. To remove, this cosmetic glitter can be loosened from the skin or hair with soap, and then rinsed away with water.

What is this face painting glitter best for?

Rainbow Neon Glitters are all opaque glitters that are UV Reactive. Rainbow Neon Glitters are great for glitter tattoos as well as black light parties since they will glow super bright!

What else should I know about Art Factory Rainbow Jewel Body Glitter?

Rainbow Jewel Glitters are cosmetic grade and do not contain any metals, making them safe for use on skin.

Art Factory | Rainbow Neon Body Glitter Poof - Red (1/2oz)

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