This A3 Frisbee Stencil crown swirly style stencil is perfect for endless princesses and eye designs. You can use these on the forehead, over the eye lids or on the side of they eyes. You can also use them on the chest for a fast necklace or as an armband. Check out Gio Guzman's cute use of the swirly centerpiece in her rose design. 


The new innovative Frisbee stencils have a variety of designs on each stencil. They are easy to keep organized and easy to use! Some designs are perfect for crowns and necklaces, while others are perfect animal print textures, graffiti eyes and for cheek art.  Rotate the stencil around the face to put the designs exactly where you want them.  


Frisbee Stencils are made of flexible Mylar which is 25mm thick.  They are about 5 x 5 inches / 13 x 13 cm. Size may vary a little depending on the stencil style.

PK | FRISBEE Face Painting Stencil | Crown Swirl - A3